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Do’s and Don’ts for Improving Foot Health

Do’s and Don’ts for Improving Foot Health

April 12, 2019

It’s April and that means we at First Coast Foot & Ankle Clinic are celebrating Foot Health Awareness Month. Improving the health of your feet doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Observing some basic tips will prevent podiatric disorders and ensure that your feet and ankles serve you well for many years to come.

Do: Inspect your feet regularly. Look for changes in skin color and temperature, thick or discolored toenails, cuts or wounds that seem slow to heal, growths, bruising and swelling. Report anything unusual to our podiatrists, Dr. Vimal A. Reddy and Dr. Jeffrey Brimmer. The best outcomes occur when foot disorders are treated in their earliest stages.

Do: Wash your feet every day and dry completely. Pay particular attention to the area between your toes—that’s where athlete’s foot often begins.

Don’t: Wear shoes that are too small for your feet. Have your foot measured professionally and buy good quality shoes that have adequate arch and ankle support. This single step can prevent many common foot problems like bunions and hammertoes.

Do: Take good care of toenails. Trim them straight across, but not too short. Do not cut or file the corners or round the edges of the nails as this can encourage ingrown toenails to form.

Don’t: Walk barefoot. In public places, this will greatly increase your chances of contracting a fungal or bacterial infection or warts. Even at home, however, if you go barefoot you are more likely to suffer a puncture wound or injury from stepping on a sharp object or stubbing your toes.

Do: Schedule regular checkups with our Duval County office if have diabetes or another chronic disorder that affects the feet. Your podiatrist is your partner in managing diseases that can harm your feet. Regular care prevents complications.

Don’t: Try folk remedies or “bathroom surgeries” to treat common foot problems. Serious injury and infections are likely to result.

Don’t: Ignore foot pain. It’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Listen to your feet and make an appointment at our Jacksonville office by calling: 904-739-9129 to track down the source of your discomfort.