8 Ways To Take Better Care of Your Feet

8 Ways To Take Better Care of Your Feet
February 27, 2019

At First Coast Foot & Ankle Clinic, we treat all types of podiatric disorders, but we also want to help educate our patients on how to be proactive about their foot and ankle health. There are many simple steps that can be taken that will help prevent foot health problems. These include:

  1. Inspect your feet regularly. Look for changes in skin color or temperature, unusual growths, lumps, thick or discolored nails, bruising or swelling. Report anything unusual to our podiatrists Vimal A. Reddy and Dr. Jeffrey Brimmer.
  2. Wash your feet daily and dry them completely. Pay particular attention to the area between your toes—that’s often where athlete’s foot first develops.
  3. Take good care of toenails. Keep them trimmed straight across and not too short and do not round the edges. This will help discourage ingrown toenails from forming.
  4. Be smart about footwear. Many podiatric disorders are caused or made worse by wearing the wrong shoes. Do not wear shoes that are too tight. Have your feet professionally measured and try to shop for new shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest. Replace shoes when they are worn out to help prevent injury.
  5. Avoid walking barefoot. This will help you steer clear of fungal and bacterial infections as well as decrease the risk of cuts and puncture wounds.
  6. Don’t self-treat foot problems. Home remedies and “bathroom surgery” can lead to serious injury and infection.
  7. Get regular podiatric checkups. This is particularly important if you have diabetes or poor circulation.
  8. Don’t ignore foot pain. Pain is not normal! It’s a sign that something is wrong with your feet. If you are in pain, whether it’s constant or it comes and goes, make an appointment at our Duval County office so that the foot doctor can examine your feet and determine what’s causing your pain. Delaying seeking treatment can cause your condition to worsen, so contact us today at 904-739-9129.