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The Hand-Shake: A Sweaty Situation?

January 31, 2019

So many important moments in life are sealed with a hand-shake, and simultaneously we are judged by this same action.  The shake can initially be a stressful social necessity, due to the technique of how much strength use, and for how long, but many have an added concern...  how sweaty will it be. Hands and feet, like the rest of your body, sweat but some feet sweat a lot more.  Extremely sweaty feet can affect any age, generally runs in families, and is called hyperhidrosis.  It is not always known why this occurs, but is the result of sweat glands secreting an excessive amount of sweat, and not just in response to increased temperatures, but also to stress and emotional situations.  This often occurs body-wide, but is more noticeable on the feet and hands due to the glands being more dense there.  Though this condition is not generally a concern to your health, it can be very embarrassing and cause social withdrawal from situations in which the feet are bare or close to other people, such as at a spa or swimming pool. There are many options for treating and living with this condition.  Investing in good socks that will absorb the sweat away from your skin and wearing a clean pair daily is a good place to start.  Choose shoes that are well ventilated and allow the shoes to air out over night before wearing them again.  Antiperspirant can be applied directly to the foot to decreased the secretion of sweat, and if this does not affect them enough there are several creams and sprays, both over the counter and prescription, that are more powerful and can help manage the condition, but will not cure it.  Several other treatments, such as iontophoresis and oral medications have been shown to actually treat or correct the condition.  If all else fails, the possibility of a surgical treatment, called a sympathectomy, may be an option, but generally only if all other options have failed. If excessively sweaty feet is a concern for you, First Coast Foot & Ankle Cliniccan help.  Make an appointment today.  Dr. Reddywill rule out more serious causes for the excessive sweating, discuss what treatment is best for you, and get you headed to a drier tomorrow.