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Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars: Stinky Situation for Jag Fans

January 31, 2019

069 Tim_Tebow_New_York_Jets_Press_Conference_Tebow_Wins_AgainTim Tebow, previously with the Denver Broncos, has been traded.  Too much of the dismay of many Tebow fans in Jacksonville FL, the UF graduate was not picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the New York Jets.  Although Tebow is very “excited” about this, fans in the North Florida area thinks the situation stinks! What can really stink is after a long day of anticipation and perspiration, it’s time to unwind, kick off your shoes and put your feet up. If you're like many people, it can be a bit of an eye-opener and nose-tingler the moment your shoes and socks hit the floor. Sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis) and smelly feet (bromhidrosis) are two common and conditions of the foot. Some cases are caused by:

  • Systemic ("whole body") conditions such as anemia (low blood count)
  • Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)
  • Most cases have a "local to the foot" cause

The main issue feeding foot odor is sweat. Our feet are among the most perspiring parts of the body- able to produce more than a pint of sweat in a single day! Sweat alone doesn't have a distinctive smell. The smell from sweating is caused by bacteria on our skin that eats the sweat and excretes waste, causing the stink! It's perfectly normal to have bacteria on your skin but it doesn't always produce a noticeable smell. So do sweaty, smelly, feet happen to begin with?

  1. Wearing shoes or socks made of synthetic materials contributes to the production of excessive perspiration and the bacteria growth that causes this condition and odor
  2. Most footwear is made of synthetic materials- especially tennis shoes. Many synthetic materials don't "breathe" very well and therefore,
  3. The sweat our feet excrete can't easily escape into the air like the sweat our hands excrete -- it all collects on our skin and in our socks.
  4. The bacteria thrive in this kind of environment by feeding on the excess sweat.
  5. When you take off your shoes the foul odor that hits you is all the bacteria excretion that's collected on your feet and in your socks and shoes.

What's a person with smelly and/or sweaty feet to do?!!

  1.  Decrease the amount of bacteria on your feet
  2.  Decrease the amount of sweat that collects on your feet and in your shoes

How to Reduce Bacteria:

  •  Wash your feet with anti-bacterial soap
  •  Wear clean socks everyday
  •  Give a pair of shoes 24 or more hours to air out before wearing again

How to Reduce Sweat:

  •  Wear well-ventilated shoes instead of very constrictive shoes, such as boots
  •  Always wear socks, preferably made of cotton or other absorbent materials
  •  Change socks multiple times per day, if possible
  •  Apply antiperspirant to your feet

If your foot odor or sweating is excessive and basic remedies are not helping, make an appointment to visit Dr. Reddy at the First Coast Foot & Ankle Clinic.