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Seven Steps to a Better Winter Run

January 31, 2019

065 Doggy-Winter-RunningSnow may only very rarely be in the weather forecast during winter in Jacksonville FL, but that doesn't mean it doesn’t get a bit chilly. Runners, who frequently hit the pavement or trails early in the morning, often experience the coldest part of a day. As such, it's recommended that runners have two different types of training regimes- one for warmer days (thankfully plentiful in Florida!) and one for cooler days to help keep you going. Whether you’re a casual recreational jogger or a competitive athlete considering participation in the upcoming “26.2 With Donna – National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer” consider the following for your “winter running regime”: 1.     Not too much:Do not plan to make any increases in mileage or speed during colder weather. Pushing oneself harder in the cold could lead to injury (and a visit to the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic!) 2.    Warm up indoors:at least briefly before running and be especially vigilant if conditions are wet or perhaps even icy. 065 cold weather running tips3.    Wear clothing appropriate for running in colder weather: Running shoes in good condition are a must. Try thick, absorbent, dry socks and make sure you have adequate space in your running shoes to accommodate these thicker socks; consider buying a half-size larger running shoe for your winter regime. Also, wear a warm hat. A significant amount of body heat is lost directly from the head, which affects the whole body's circulation. 4.    Be mindful of the wind-chill factor! Some runners prefer to run into the wind to start off and then return with the wind at their backs. The return run is easier since you have perspired and your body is warmer. 5.    Protect your skin!Use a moisturizer, protective lip balm, and sun block to prevent blister formation and redness in the face area. 6.    Stay Hydrated:Drink PLENTY of water before and after running to ensure your muscles recover after running in cold weather. 7.    Most Importantly:Be safe, stay warm, and HAVE FUN!