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Keeping Feet Safe and Warm on Slippery Slopes

January 31, 2019

062 Cartoon_Skier_320With the Holiday Season officially under way, ski trips are a great way to make the most of your time off during the wintery weather. While a snowy mountain may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jacksonville, FL, getting away from the grey skies and misty rain to pristine white ski slopes can be a pleasant change of pace. For those of you who make regular trips, or if you just want to try skiing, Dr. Vimal Reddy offers these tips to make the most of your ski vacation. 1.     Keep your feet warm: Being out with ice cold feet can ruin your day. Make sure not to store boots outdoors overnight, making them frigid the next day.  Also, Invest in thermal socks they are worth the expense. By keeping your feet warm, not only will it be more comfortable, you lessen your risk for cold injuries such as chilblains or  frostbite. 2.     Wear properly fitting boots: Dr. Reddy recommends this for running shoes as well, but it is twice as important in skiing.  Due to the trauma that affects your feet on the bottoms, sides, tips of the toes and ankles, boots should be tight enough to cushion your feet, but not too tight as to bruise your toes or cut off circulation. 3.     Stretch out…Just like any other sport: If you limber up before skiing, you can improve your performance and lessen the chances of developing cramps. This article features some easy stretches to do before hitting the slopes. 4.     Know your skills and know your limits: While a ski vacation is enjoyable and unforgettable, don’t attempt a run that is beyond your level. An inexperienced skier might not be able to react to the twisting forces of the ground against the skis.  This could potentially lead to severe ankle sprains or worse. Enjoy the beauty of a crisp winter day while you relax on a run you can manage… don’t try and overdo it. If you or anyone you know has more questions about winter and their feet, please contact the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic to make an appointment