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Super Bad Bugs

January 31, 2019

061 Atom_AntRecently new strains of antibiotic-resistant infections have been popping up throughout Europe.  Due to the over-use and abuse of antibiotics, these bacteria have developed defenses against the drugs doctors utilize most to fight infections. Concerns of this “super bug” migrating across the Atlantic Ocean and potentially making its way to The First Coast are a little alarming. So what does this have to do with podiatry in Jacksonville, FL? On a daily basis Dr. Vimal Reddy prescribes antibiotics to: Treat infections from diabetic ulcers Prevent infection after surgery on painful:

The emergence of this “super bug” would require an entirely different approach to treating and preventing infections in the future. The good news for now is these antibiotic-resistant bacteria are not the usual bugs encountered at the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic. If you have any questions or concerns, please request an appointment to speak with Dr. Reddy.