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The Importance of Checking your Blood Sugar

January 31, 2019

045 Blood Sugar-1With diabetes on the rise, it is important more then ever for diabetics to manage their health by keeping their blood sugar (or bloodglucose) under control. To do this, patients need to check their blood glucose regularly. Here at the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic, we take the same position as the American Diabetes Association:

  1. Check your blood glucose daily
  2. Keep a log to monitor how it changes from day to day

By keeping a close watch over your blood glucose, you are doing something of vital importance for your over-all health, including your feet.  Unfortunately, many people in Jacksonville, FL have trouble maintaining the daily regimen recommended due to:

  • Checking your glucose can be painful: To minimize the pain, try to draw blood from different sites each day.
  • Glucose test strips are not cheap: If you have difficulty paying for test strips, at the very least try to check your blood glucose three times a week.

People who do not control their blood glucose are at risk for losing sensation in their feet—a disease called peripheral neuropathy. Without the ability to sense pain, touch, or pressure in your feet, you won’t be able to know if you are doing something that is hurting your foot. At this point, foot care becomes extremely important because of the heightened possibility of injuries and infection. Being diagnosed with diabetes can seem like a life-altering event, but does not mean you cannot continue living a healthy, active, life.          Dr. Reddy can work with your primary care provider to help you manage your diabetes while still getting the most out of your life.