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To Flip-Flop or Not

January 31, 2019

With summer on our heels in Jacksonville, FL, many will be slipping into a pair of their favorite flip-flops.  Flip-flops are perfect at the pool or beach. However, if you plan on going for a long walk or know you’ll be standing for several hours, you will need a shoe with a thicker sole for more support. image2 Problems that arise from wearing flip-flops at the wrong time:

  • Tendonitis: Irritation of your Achilles tendon, due to poor arch support
  • Heel Fissures: Cracking of the skin on the heels due to the additional friction on your heels
  • Toe stub injuries and fractures: due to lack of protection.

imagesOf course, flip-flops aren’t all bad. Some instances                   when flip-flops are beneficial:

  • If you sweat excessively: Open-toed shoes will ensure your feet stay dry, particularly between the toes. This is important for preventing fungal infectionand maintaining skin strength.
  • Public Showers: Always wear flip-flops when using a public shower like you would find at pool or gym locker room.
  • If the back of your heel is sore, flip-flops can reduce irritation to the area.
  • They’re fun and stylish!

Lori1If you are planning on wearing flip-flops, make sure you get a pair with a thick, rigid sole. This will strengthen your foot’s ability to absorb shock. Also, while you’re wearing them, make sure you take it easy on your feet to minimize injury. If you have questions on where to find a more rigid, yet stylish sandal, you can inquire at the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic.