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Walk This Way: In the Right Shoe for You

January 31, 2019

039brannock2Last night you may have been entertained by the fancy footwork of wrestlers such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H and The Undertaker while watching WWE Wrestlemania 27.  Or perhaps you were engaged in the Country Music Awards admiring the couture of your favorite country music stars and taking pleasure in Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood’s performance of “Walk This Way”.  When it comes to walking into a wrestling ring or strutting your stuff on a stage, many problems can arise in the foot as a result of not wearing the right shoes.  Today I would like to dispel a few myths about shoe sizing to help you find the right fit for your foot. 1. You don’t have a shoe size! – You have a foot size. Your foot size is measured in a Brannock device (pictured above).  In a perfect world, your shoe size and foot size would be a perfect match.  Unfortunately, in reality there are differences between brands and the only way to know which shoe fits best is to try them on! 2. Sizing shoes: Most clerks at shoe stores will measure your heel-to-toe length. While this is important for making your toes comfortable, the more important measure is your heel-to-ball length. You can measure your heel-to-ball length by using the pointer that slides along the side of your foot on the Brannock device.  Your foot size will be the larger of the heel-to-toe and heel-to-toe sizes. Dr. Reddycan give you a proper and accurate measurement at the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic. The heel-to-ball measurement is important because your foot bends the most at the ball of your foot. When trying on a shoe:

  • Bend the shoe as if you were pushing the toes upward
  • Make sure the shoe bends around the same place as the ball bends
  • Lastly, if the shoe bends in a way that your foot does not then it won’t give you the support you need!

3. Size is just a number: Some patients are self-conscious if their feet measure larger then they would like. Just remember the feet you are born with are the only ones you will have.  So if you’re running around your office in Downtown Jacksonville, or taking a stroll by the St. Johns River, be happy, be comfortable, and wear a shoe that fits!