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OUCH!!!: The Unfortunate and Unavoidable Ankle Sprain

January 31, 2019

Kim_Kardashian_Twisted_Ankle_TOP Despite the absence of our Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL playoffs, we have seen an exciting post-season filled with surprises. There are teams who have been celebrated for decades, creating new chapters in some of the most storied rivalries in NFL history. These dramatic matchups are an inspiration to us amateurs. So when we are inspired and try to play like the pros we admire, or for some strut our stuff in the highest of heels like a super model, we sometimes run the risk of injuring ourselves.   This week we focus on one of the most common injuries seen at the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic... the sprained ankle. Ankle sprains are common in most sports: football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and any other activity involving running and jumping.   A sprain is a tear in the ligaments. These ligaments are cords of tissues holding bone to bone at your joints. While they are strong, a sudden overextension of the joint in the wrong direction can cause it to tear. This makes the ankle the most common site of sprains in sports, particularly in the lateral or outer side of the ankle.   The treatment options for a sprained ankle will depend on how severe it is. Usually spending a few days resting your ankle and following the RICE procedure (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) should suffice. However, in very severe cases, an MRI and surgery may be required. If you have an ankle injury and are not sure what to do, contact Dr. Reddy to determine the best treatment strategy.