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Treating Injuries with RICE

January 31, 2019

For a brief shining moment the Jacksonville Jaguars were leading their division, on the way to their first division championship since 1998. It was almost possible, but after an unfortunate loss against the Texans, players out due to injuries and another team's win, all that can be said now is: there's always next year. Nonetheless Dr. Vimal Reddy and the rest of the TEAM at the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic will continue to support their Jaguars.   Football is a tough sport, especially on the legs. There are many injuries that can occur in the foot and ankle. These include:

One common treatment regimen for such traumatic injuries, whether from football or other physical activity, is the "RICE" strategy:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

When we suffer an injury, our body responds with a process known as inflammation. This results in a major increase in blood flow to the injured area. This causes the familiar warmth, redness, swelling, and pain. While it is necessary for healing, our bodies are designed to "overcompensate". Prolonged inflammation is the reason why injuries hurt the worse the day after.   Using the RICE technique can minimize the effects of inflammation. The rest component is easy to understand, but the other techniques may not seem as obvious. By icing and compressing the area, the body is not as able to get blood flow into the injured area. Elevating the injured area allows gravity to carry blood away from the injury. Proper usage of this technique will mean a less painful recovery. However if the pain continues, the injury may be more severe, requiring the need for a professional such as Dr. Reddy to further evaluate the situation.