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Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Line Suffer from Ankle Injuries

005a Jag InjuryFirst Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic could not be more excited that football season has begun! But already three of the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line starters are wearing protective boots on their left ankles following the overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

  • Left guard Eben Britton suffered an ankle injury and was out for the remaining of the game
  • Uche Nwaneri also suffered an ankle injury
  • Right tackle Cameron Bradfield suffered a leg injury

In this one game, there have been more injuries to the lower extremities than any other and Coach Mike Mularkey is starting to wonder if it might have been a turf issue. “It’s the most foot injuries I’ve ever been around,” Mularkey said. “Foot, ankle, you think about the number of linemen we have lost with it, it’s just unheard of. I don’t know if it’s bad luck. I am putting a little research out there with some of the turf teams if they’re experiencing the same kind of issues we are with our ankles and feet. We have had an unbelievable number of injuries to that part of the body. More than I’ve ever been around.”

So what will happen this Sunday when the Jags hit Everbank Field to take on the Houston Texans?  Even with a ranking of 32nd in the NFL in total offense and all these injuries the offensive line is still showing signs of improvement.

Wide Receivers Dash to Victory Despite Injuries

063xrayThree of Jacksonville’s most promising young wide receivers at First Coast High School are potentially leading their team to a perfect season. What makes this so remarkable is two out of the three athletes have struggled with injuries this season. It’s always an inspiring story when athletes overcome a setbacks like an injury to put together a winning season. With proper rehabilitation managed by a podiatric physician such as Dr. Vimal Reddy, an injury does not have to mean the end of your days competing on the football field.

One receiver, Brandon Brooks suffered from a broken ankle. The most common injury in sports is the sprained ankle, which occurs when twisting or rolling your foot inwards. If you roll or twist your foot in the opposite direction, it will likely break.

The ankle joint consists of the:

  • Talus (the ankle bone)
  • Tibia (the shin bone)
  • Fibula

The bony bumps you can feel at your ankle are actually the lowest parts of the tibia (inner) and fibula (outer). During ankle fractures, one or both of these bony bumps will break off. Dr. Reddy will first check the bone fragments for stability to see if they will heal on their own.

Ankle fractures almost always need surgery to heal.  Dr. Reddy would make a small cut over the broken bone and drill screws into the bone fragments so they stay connected.  After surgery, you will need to stay off your ankle for 3-4 weeks, followed by a few weeks in a walking cast and physical therapy to help regain your strength to get back on the field.