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I came in with heel pain. Dr. Dreddy diagnosed my problem and provided me with the appropriate remedies and medications to resolve my problems quickly. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend first Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic to my friends when they have any pain or injuries.

- Gavin J.

The staff was great and friendly. The doctor was very nice and knowledgeable. Would come back in a minute! Hopefully don't have to but I would.

- Dean R.

The office staff are friendly and efficient. I am now totally pain free. I wish I had came to Dr. Reddy sooner! It was a top notch experience that I very much appreciated!

- Elicia M.

I was very happy with my experience here at First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic. The staff was very kind and knowledgeable. I will definitely be returning with any future needs!

- Hannah N.

Dr. Reddy was very pleasant and explained the diagnosis and treatment clearly.

- Kimberly R.

Very pleased with office staff and the doctor was extremely helpful with explaining care instructions. Would and have recommended friends.

- Debbie H.

Doctor and staff extremely friendly and helpful. I will come here again.

- Kylie K.

Always outstanding! Love, love, love Dr. Reddy!

The office staff is always fantastic! They schedule me quickly! Dr. Reddy IS THE BEST!!!

- Mary E.

I will recommend First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic to my friends and family.

- Cecil B.

This was a great experience. I will always remember.

- Winsome F.

Excellent experience!

The staff is nice and appointments are quick overall. No long waits, and staff is always thorough when taking my information and chief concerns.

- Alana B.

I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for some time and the pain was 3 out of 10 to an 8 out of ten.  In the morning the pain was worse and after any type of high impact activities.  I could no longer play tennis, dance, run or do aerobic classes.  A combination of custom made orthotics and EPAT shockwave therapy is what finally worked for me.  I had tried ultrasound, stretching, icing, night splints, taping and different heel inserts, but nothing seemed to work.  For one year now I am completely pain free and have resumed all activities that I couldn’t do for 9 months.  I am back playing tennis, running, dancing and anything else high impact.

- Lisa H

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- Miguel R

Prior to surgery my pain was an 8-9 on a scale of 10 with sharp shooting pains, a growing problem for over 20 years.  Due to this pain I had interrupted sleep and walking became problematic. After my surgery my pain is almost 0!  I am now able to walk, stretch and do many exercises.  It is a complete change for me and I’m much more comfortable then before. Dr. Reddy is an excellent surgeon, giving superb diagnoses, treatment and follow up. I would highly recommend him for any of your foot problems.

- Tad F.

Hi Dr. Reddy.  Just a short note to let you know the final results of my ECAT treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. As you know I was a somewhat skeptical when we started this treatment, since I had gone through so many different types of therapies in the past in an attempt to get this issue resolved.  This included cortisone injections, night splints, months of carious stretching exercises and even expensive orthotics.  But nothing seemed to help.  The conditions only seemed to worsen and it was having a serious and dramatic impact in my quality of life.  It was very difficult and very painful to walk virtually anywhere.  As I mentioned to you at the start of my treatment, a mere trip to Home Depot of Best Buy would be an excruciating experience for me.  My whole quality of life seemed to be ruled by this disease.

During the last follow-up visit I told you that I felt like I had achieved about an 85% to 90% reduction in pain but the pain was still there on occasions.  While I was satisfied with the level of relief to say the least, I was asked if I could expect any additional improvements and you that it was hard to tell but most likely not, since it had been 9 months since the treatment was completed.  I had even asked you about the possibility of doing a second treatment.

Well, I just wanted to write you Dr. Reddy and let you know that in fact, I did continue to see an improvement.  I can now report to you, several months later, that I have achieved a 99% to 100% successful result.  Whereas the pain from Plantar Fasciitis once ruled my life, I can report to you that I never even think about it during my normal, daily activities.  The pain is simply gone and I just go about my daily activities never thinking about it.  After sitting for a time or early in the morning, when the first few steps use to be almost unbearable, now, I can step down and don’t even give it a second thought.  The pain just does not exist.

So once again, I just wanted to thank you for offering this cutting edge treatment to me.  I cannot tell you how it has changed my life for the better.  Hopefully others who are experiencing this debilitating pain can benefit from this treatment.

Sincerely yours,

- Michael W.

After reading your personal letter to me concerning my foot care, I was really surprised and pleased. It made my day! I appreciate that more than you know, and you can be sure that I will recommend your services to any and all that I know who need a DPM. Thank you so very much, and like I said at my last appointment, how much I appreciated your phone call, asking about my progress.

- R.M. Bob S

My pain was sharp, on a scale of 1-10 about an 8. I could not do some housework or go on long walks. I love to garden outside and I had not been able to do that either. Today, I feel great, each time I went to the office for Dermagraph I was very happy that my leg and ankle looked better and better. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was NONE. I was finally able to do all the things that I liked to do. Thank you so much Dr. Reddy, you have made my life much better.

- Alfreda W

I had been fitted for orthotics in the past for foot pain and I was getting no relief. My primary physician referred me to Dr. Reddy who then fitted me with the icon orthotics and I can finally walk again! I am very grateful.

- K.D. Birt

I love my custom orthotics. I am so used to the great feeling, that now I can't stand to wear any shoes without them. I've noticed the regular aches and pains I used to get in my feet and legs are now gone. I wish I had done this sooner.

- Terry L. S

I had sharp and constant pain that ranged from 4-5 and sometimes up to a 7. Running was painful and even walking with my ingrown toenail. Dr. Reddy quickly and almost painlessly removed my ingrown nails, immediately relieving the pain. Quick and easy and much better than the last podiatrist I met with!

- Ryan S

I was in constant pain. It felt like I was walking on a marble. I tried not to let it interfere with life, but as a result I was limping and causing my other foot to hurt also because of the added weight. After the procedure I felt great, no pain in either foot. If I did certain activities like walking in soft sand; it let me know it had been injured and is still healing but stopping the activity takes care of it. Daily activities are no longer a problem. Dr. Reddy and his staff are professional and caring!

- Susan D

My pain was over 10 at the beginning, it was so severe, persistent and very uncomfortable to wear shoes and work. The pain kept me from the favorite activities such as walking, running, and working out, even driving because any type of shoes I wear kept rubbing on my toe. Now I feel like a new person after the surgery I am able to go back to my routine. Now I can wear my shoes with out crying. First Coast Foot Clinic, Dr. Reddy and staff got a hold of my pain. They treated with me respect and also showed me that they wanted to help. They did it I am very grateful to them. Thank you for caring.

- Ana A

The callous I had on my foot was causing a sharp throbbing pain. At times, I would even have a burning sensation causing me to be unable to walk like I wanted to. After treatment I was fine with no problems. Dr. Reddy is an excellent doctor and is very polite. He gets straight to the point to make known what is causing the problem and what must be done. The staff are very professional and whatever questions or concerns you Goth have are answered. The staff take the time to answer every question that is given and they make sure that they satisfy the patient. My pain now is under control and I can do more since I know how to manage my feet and what options I have. I would recommend Dr. Reddy to anyone that has any type of foot problems.

- Sharlena L

Over the past years my feet, knees, and lower back had started hurting. The pain become unbearable and was sharp persistent pain and aching feet. It was hard to do much for long periods without having to take breaks and get off my feet. My pain was probably in the 8-9 range, out of ten, life wasn't fun. I take my hobbies and work very serious. I've work in the construction field for the past 28 years being on my feet 10-12 hours a day easy and with hunting, fishing, gardening and all the stuff on my wife's honey do list I rarely get inside the house before dark and my feet, ankles and lower back were aching so bad that the hobbies and my work were not fun anymore. They became more like chores. I would need to sit on and off to relieve the pain and then I started gaining weight because I wasn't active. The office visits were so simple, the Doc checked my shoes, watched my walk, sonogrammed my feet and explained what was happening and why I had pain in my feet and knees. He then made a pair of molds. I returned to the clinic in about 10 days for the fitting and off I went. The people at the clinic made things so easy and fun and now the pain in 1-2, almost pain free. I've got my life back. The pain has left and my hobbies and work are fun again. I've even started losing the extra pounds I put on.

- Tim B

My pain felt like i was being stabbed in the heel with something sharp. It was severe and constant. Walking and working was very difficult for me because I'm on my feet 90% of the time. Since seeing Dr. Reddy I received a cortisone shot and the inserts for my shoes and my pain has gone completely away!

- Leonard U

Walking every step was extremly painful, sharp, persistant and a 9 out of 10. I foudn the staff very knowledgable and compassionate. Dr. Reddy was very attentive and caring. He explained my condition and the recommendations very plainly for recovery. I found my experience with he and his staff very positive. I am still in physical therapy, but have been able to walk correctly and bend my toe for the first time in years. I also loved the chocolate foot and other goodies!

- Judith L

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Jill P.

Ponte Vedra, FL

Run into Dr. Reddy's office for treatment of your foot issues!  I had been postponing treatment of a painful ingrown toenail because I was scared that it would hurt .  He took care of my problem on my first visit. He was extremely patient, explained everything and best of all- NO PAIN!  The numbing only felt like a minor mosquito bite.  The staff was also very professional and got me in and out very quickly!  If I knew it was going to be this easy, I would've  taken care of this months earlier!  If I can do this, you can too!   Five stars!

Bob B.

Jacksonville, FL

Great Doctor and excellent staff, both the doctor and the staff have great knowledge and know how to dispense it and not over charge!

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Ryan C.

Jacksonville, FL


First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic is great, friendly, and helpful

Jean M.

Atlantic Beach, FL

The staff at First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic is knowledgeable and helpful. The doctor is, too! I would definitely recommend him.

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Thanks to Dr.Reddyand his staff for the superb care I have got over the last two years I still have both of my feet and legs.


Dr. Reddy and his staff are great folks. Very friendly and professional in caring for his patients. His staff, measures and orders my compression socks and special shoes. They take care of me. My feet and legs are smiling when I leave...