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Yelp! Reviews

Jill P.

Ponte Vedra, FL

Run into Dr. Reddy's office for treatment of your foot issues!  I had been postponing treatment of a painful ingrown toenail because I was scared that it would hurt .  He took care of my problem on my first visit. He was extremely patient, explained everything and best of all- NO PAIN!  The numbing only felt like a minor mosquito bite.  The staff was also very professional and got me in and out very quickly!  If I knew it was going to be this easy, I would've  taken care of this months earlier!  If I can do this, you can too!   Five stars!

Rachel W.

Jacksonville, FL

I saw Dr. Reddy and my experience was great! His office and staff are top notch! I have seen a few podiatrists in town for my problem and He cured me. Being an avid runner his background in sports medicine was refreshing. He knew exactly where I was coming from and how to fix my foot. I had 2 other pairs of orthotics that didn't work, but after wearing the ones he got me I don't want to take them off!!! See him, you'll be glad you did!  Thanks Dr. Reddy!!!

Customer Lobby Reviews

Jean M.

Atlantic Beach, FL

The staff at First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic is knowledgeable and helpful. The doctor is, too! I would definitely recommend him.

Ryan C.

Jacksonville, FL


First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic is great, friendly, and helpful

Yahoo! Reviews


Thanks to Dr.Reddyand his staff for the superb care I have got over the last two years I still have both of my feet and legs.


I was very pleased with my vist to the First Coast Foot Ankle Clinic. The staf was very nice and timily. Dr. Reddy took time to explane what he was doing and why. I will recommend Dr Reddy to all my friend that could need his services. Thank you