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With Beautiful People There is Still Toenail Fungus Among Us

BeyoncePeople Magazine has announce Beyonce as its’ 2012 Most Beautiful Woman.  The Grammy winner joins a list shared by Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, and Jessica Pare of “Mad Men”. There’s no surprise the new mother to Blue Ivy Carter received this honor, as she’s always so well put together from head to toe. And with summerfast approaching in Jacksonville, FL, toes will become more visible as folks trade shoes for sandals… or just opt to go barefoot!  Unfortunately, far too many people keep their tootsies under cover due to toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a dermatophyte fungal infection of the nail and one of the most common dermatologic disorders affecting the foot. The sometimes “ugly and embarrassing” toenail fungus can be ignored because the infection can be present for years causing no pain.

Signs and symptoms of nail fungi are:

  • Discolored nails; yellow streaks, white spots, brown or grey nail, etc.
  • Brittle, broken, and thickened nail
  • Soft and powdery nail surface
  • Damaged, crumbly, nail surface
  • Lifting of the leading edge of the nail
  • Occasionally an odor – the condition is very tough to miss

In the past, the only medical treatment for fungal nails included:

  • Topical medications: generally minimally effective or completely ineffective
  • Oral agents (pills): potentially successful in treating the infection, have been known to affect the liver and/or kidneys if special care is not taken
  • Surgical removal of the nail plate: painful and debilitating

Fortunately, modern medicine and the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic have an easy solution to treat nail fungus… the PinPointe FootLaser. This FDA approved, patented laser is specially designed to shine through your toenail and destroy the specific pathogens embedded in and under the toenail causing the infection.

pretty toesAbout the PinPointe FootLaser:

  • Does not effect healthy tissue
  • Little to no discomfort associated with the treatment during or after (some patients report the sensation of heat on their toes during treatment)
  • Will not harm or affect your activity in any way
  • No age or health restrictions or limitations (Men, women diabetics and those who are pregnant can benefit from treatment)
  • Only a licensed physician such as Dr. Reddy can administer the PinPointe FootLaser

If you or someone you know may be shy to show their toes due to potential toenail fungus request an appointment today. Imagine how much more enjoyable a day at the pool or Jacksonville Beach could be with a visit to the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Wedding Season is Here: Pretty Toes a Must!

remedyStop the presses!  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged!  And with wedding season well underway here on the First Coast, many of us will be slipping into strappy sandals, peep toe heels and cute flip-flops for upcoming nuptials in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach or St. Augustine Florida.  For the confidence to show off those toes with and pride… It’s trivia time!


What product was created by two board-certified podiatric physicians, has the ability to treat nail fungus and yellow nails without any harsh chemicals, is fully endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association(APMA), and can make you look like a million bucks???


Dr.’s REMEDY enriched, anti-fungal, non-toxic nail polish!

Commercial nail polishes are often formulated with Dibutyl Phthalate a/k/a DBP (banned throughout the European Union), toluene, and formaldehyde – each linked to a wide variety of health risks including, but not limited to, cancer, infertility, and birth defects. Why should looking good involve such extreme risks? With Dr.’s REMEDY polish, it doesn’t have to!

Dr.’s REMEDY line of nail care products are formulated with non-toxic, natural ingredients that help – not hurt – your nails, such as:

  • Tea Tree Oil:  Found to have antiseptic and antifungal effects
  • Garlic Bulb Extract:  Contains a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent that helps kill harmful germs
  • Vitamins C & E:  Improves the health of skin and nails
  • Wheat Protein:  A vegetable-derived, high quality protein that contains moisture-binding capabilities and naturally increases shine

Dr.’s REMEDY polish is allergen friendly for those sensitive to ingredients in commercial nail polish. And it’s a vegan product!  Add these healthy benefits to a long-lasting coat of color (over 30 available) and you have a recipe for a great polish.

Don’t bother looking around the mall for Dr.’s REMEDY products. You can find them at First Coast Foot & Ankle Clinicin Jacksonville. If you have any questions or concerns about your foot, ankle or toenail needs request an appointment.

Proper Sock-wear with your Footwear

sock-holeBetween Easter and Passover, many of us were dressed to impress recently.  When putting together such an outfit, choosing the correct pair of socks to wear will ensure not only comfort, but also optimum foot protection. Socks are not just a piece of foot “armor” acting as an additional barrier to the outside world, they are an essential element of complete, healthy footwear.  When it’s decision time for socks, keep the following two major criteria in mind:

1. Climate: Weather indictates sock choice just as much as shoe choice

  • In cooler temperatures and wet weather, thicker and well-insulated socks are recommended.
  • In warm climate areas such as Jacksonville, lightweight socks with moisture-wicking technology are the better choice.

2. Activity:  Would the sock you wear to work be the one you wear to climb a mountain?

  • To avoid heat build-up during high-impact activities such as running or fitness walking, choose a thinner sock with moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • If shock absorption and cushioning is what you need, choose a sock made of thicker material such as micro-acrylic fabric or cotton.

While the idea of “technical socks” might sound a bit funny, there’s no denying the big improvement they can make over your basic tube socks during certain activities.  One can now find socks made specifically for: “heavy” work, “light” work, sitting, walking, jogging, running, hiking, mountaineering, biking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, scuba diving (yep, scuba diving!), aerobics, weightlifting, and the list goes on and on.  What’s the difference between them?  It all comes down to these features…

Padding:  Look for padding on the heel and ball of the foot for cushioning and protection.  This extra padding can be a real foot-saver.

Arch reinforcements:  Some socks offer a tighter, reinforced weave in the arch to improve support. Without proper support, arches can develop arch pain or even plantar fasciitis. Keep in mind, though, that your shoe choice is the key factor for arch support.

Height:  In many cases, height is merely a personal preference. However, crew and quarter socks do offer abrasion protection from boot/shoe tops, so socks at least as tall as the tops are recommended.

Fit:  When you try on socks, pay attention to how they fit in the toe and the heel. Correct length is very important. If a sock       is too long, it will bunch up over your toes. If it’s too short, the sock will slide down into the shoe and feel tight. For heavily padded socks, try them on with shoes to ensure everything fits comfortably together.

And last, but not least… for the sake of your feet (and fashion), regularly inspect your socks and discard outgrown, misshapen, or “holey” socks!

If your feet are suffering from the effects of a poor sock choice or any other reason,contact the First Coast Foot & Ankle Clinic today and make an appointment to meet with Dr. Reddy